What is Sql Injection ? What is Sqlmap ? How to use Sqlmap 2024 Free Guide

Looking for a quick guide on using SQLMap to uncover SQL injection vulnerabilities? Sorry, that’s not here. If you’re not keen on mastering the commands and truly understanding the craft, you’re in the wrong spot. But, don’t fret; you might find some other intriguing blogs on zettazip.com Setting up SQLMap:If you’re on Kali Linux, SQLMap … Read more

what is netcat?

Networking refers to the process of sharing and transferring data between devices within a computer system. Netcat is a handy networking tool that uses the TCP/IP protocol to send and receive data over networks. Features of Netcat: Installing Netcat on Linux:Netcat usually comes pre-installed on most Linux distributions. However, if it’s not available, you can … Read more

top Recon Tool you should use as a hacker

Welcome to the Recon Special Penetration Testing Bootcamp! Here, I’ll teach you about different ways to gather information passively using techniques and tools. This article breaks down key concepts, providing commands and knowledge suitable for both beginners and advanced hackers. Using Search Engines:We’ll start by finding target administration consoles and vulnerabilities using Google Hacking or … Read more

Best Free Stock Image Sites for Bloggers

In this blog post, I’m excited to share with you some fantastic sites where you can find free stock images for your blog. These websites offer a wide range of images, so let’s dive into the list! These websites offer an array of free stock images that can enhance your blog posts without breaking the … Read more