What is Wfuzz? Free 2024 Fuzzing guide

In this blog, I’ll explain what Wfuzz is and how you can use it to discover web content and fuzz data for better security.

What is Wfuzz?

Wfuzz is a tool designed to help find web content and directories, primarily used by security professionals to automate the fuzzing process. Fuzzing involves testing different entry points to find potential vulnerabilities that attackers could exploit. Wfuzz can launch brute-force attacks and identify various vulnerabilities.

Installing Wfuzz

To install Wfuzz, you need Python installed on your machine. You can download Python from python.org and install it. Once Python is installed, you can use pip, the Python package manager, to install Wfuzz. If you’re using Kali Linux, Wfuzz may already be installed.

Using Wfuzz

Wfuzz offers various functionalities:

  • Web Content Discovery
  • Form Manipulation/Bruteforcing

You can use Wfuzz with different options:

  • -c: to color the output
  • -z: setting payload type (list, num, etc.)
  • -d: setting data to be sent with the request
  • -H: setting headers to be sent with the request
  • -e: setting encoding for the payload (url encode, hex, etc.)
  • -w: setting wordlist to be used for fuzzing
  • -p: setting the number of concurrent connections
  • -t: setting a timeout for each request
  • -s: setting the delay between each request
  • -L: following redirects

Here are some Payload Types you can use:

  • list: use a wordlist to fuzz the target
  • num: use a range of numbers to fuzz the target
  • alpha: use the alphabet to fuzz the target
  • alphanum: use a combination of numbers and letters to fuzz the target
  • hex: use hexadecimal values to fuzz the target

Examples of Using Wfuzz

You can fuzz web content, directories, subdomains, and even perform login brute-forcing with Wfuzz. For instance:

  • Fuzzing with a wordlist:
  wfuzz -c -z list,wordlist.txt https://example.com/FUZZ
  • Fuzzing user IDs with numbers:
  wfuzz -c -z num,1-10 https://example.com/user-id?=FUZZ
  • Fuzzing subdomains:
  wfuzz -c -Z -w rockyou.txt https://FUZZ.example.com
  • Fuzzing directories:
  wfuzz -w rockyou.txt https://example.com/FUZZ
  • Saving output:
  wfuzz -w rockyou.txt --sc 400,200,301 -o output.txt https://example.com/FUZZ
  • Brute-forcing login:
  wfuzz -z file,rockyou.txt -d "log=FUZZ&pwd=FUZZ" https://example.com/login


Wfuzz is a powerful tool for web content discovery and fuzzing, aiding in identifying vulnerabilities and strengthening security measures. By understanding its functionalities and using it effectively, security professionals can enhance their website’s defense against potential threats…

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