How to keep safe your facebook account

Facebook is the now world most largest platform people use… Daily we use Facebook so much but do you know that your Facebook account  can get hack by the hackers and bad people so don’t worry in this blog post I will share your how you can keep safe your Facebook account so without wasting any more time let’s jump into the article

 don’t click any pishining  link? 

Who is join some Facebook messenger group and we click some fake and fishing link and then after sometimes our ID got hacked by the hackers so we have to careful about that we don’t have to click any fishing link if you click any fishing link then hacker can hack any type of account So don’t join any bad group and unwanted group join only the group which you need it I have you understand my point 

Don’t play Facebook quiz games ?

What I mean by that don’t play Facebook games So sometimes you saw that so many your friends share some question like like I will be meaning millionaire in 2024  so you saw that in funny poster then you click the same post again and Facebook and eliterally still your information Many few days you saw the some advertisement because Facebook will know your interest so don’t play any Facebook who is games avoid this type of games

  change your Facebook password?

 so sometimes our phone got stolen by the thief and we can’t do anything like that so thief can login into your profile and can still your information and from your Facebook account they can message to your friends and ask the money so you after still your phone you have to change your password and add two step verification immediately from taking health with your family members have you understand my My point if you don’t understand anything then I will obviously help you

Thank you so much for your time I hope you understand that what I have to type to say that if you have any problem then let me know come and below and tell me what you want the next topic in the common below and if you have any question message me on my Facebook page 

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