Top 4 social media you should use ?

Today’s digital everyone use social media social media players and important role in our life but sometime it has some close and also cons in this block post I will share with you that which social media you should use?  put out hosting in you more time laser into the article


Who is the one of the largest social media in the world about 5 billion people world Facebook. If you use Facebook then you can do post videos and you can also earn money from your Facebook page and Facebook groups also Facebook id also a new one decision system you can upload daily on your Facebook page Facebook is the owner of the last platform lots of people use fake ID and lots of people do lots of type of sperming Facebook for good for then it is good for you


High quality people use Instagram because lots of people don’t like Facebook because By using Instagram you can upload your photos and also reel  Instagram ID real system by using insta you can do bonus system Instagram add new feature system which is you can save any post and you can saw it later 


Healthy social media also won by the Mark Zuckerberg company which is meta If you are using x it’s like same Twitter it also I will some features like you can upload videos photos lots of people use  XD social media


For my point of view Twitter is the one of the best social media in the world If you are using Twitter than your account is 100% safe tutor is own by Elon marks Twitter is used by lots of president and celebrities also if you are using Twitter than you can post and publish videos but you can’t earn money in Twitter Twitter doesn’t hand any option but you can also do it meant in Twitter

Thank you everyone for your time I hope you understand that who is social media is better for you if you have any problem that which you want to use and have a little bit confusion then let me know comment below I will try to help you 

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