How To Make Money on Instagram in 2024 (5 Amazing Ways)

Many times you see during instagram scroll that sponsor posts you see many head posts they don’t even give them they earn money with the help of them today I will show you how you can earn money from instagram without further ado let’s start the post

1. Collaborate with brands on sponsored content

You can call with many brands and get it from them for some money and get sponsor content if you want but I think upgrading your call will be better with brand you can go ahead very easily but for that you need 10000 to 50000 If you don’t have followers, you can’t go with the brand

2. Open your own ecommerce store

If you want you can open your own e-commerce store but for this you need to invest a lot because in e-commerce business you need to invest a little. It takes patience and strong faith to prove that you can make it

3. Design merch for your personal brand

If you have your own merchandising brand then you can go ahead very easily because clothes are sold a lot on Instagram it can help you to be profitable very quickly but it requires some investment and patience and you need some followers you can run fade ad even if you want. For you need to be at least 1 million to 10 million followers then you can advance your march band keep reading the article to know more.

4. Become an affiliate marketer

You can do Instagram affiliate marketing for this, you don’t need any knowledge. If you want, you can download a video from Tik Tok and share it in your post. You can give the affiliate link of that product in your Instagram bio. With this help, you can sell many products very quickly. Nowadays, you are seeing many products. That they can do marketing to buy their product.It doesn’t require any investment from you.It requires your patience.

5. Enable Instagram Shopping features

There is an option in the village shopping feature which will be disabled but you have to enable it if you enable it you will understand your products suppose someone visits your profile and likes your product from there he will be poisoned to buy it and then he can buy that product For this you need to go to settings and turn on enable shopping feature but for this you need to create your business account you can’t create it in private account hope you don’t understand please comment me this matter many people don’t understand very simple thing so I I said that to inform by commenting

Everyone thank you so much for your time I have you understand that how you can earn money from Instagram by doing lots of things so if you have any problem then comment believe I will try to explain you and let me know that what’s the other  was the other article that I can share with you so let me know the in the common below and if you have any other problem then message me on my Facebook page 

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