Mapping Cybercrime: The First Insane Global Index Revealed 2024

Cybercrime costs a lot of money, from millions to trillions of dollars, and it’s a big problem worldwide. Even though it’s hard to see, it’s a big deal. A survey asked experts about cybercrime, and they found out that some countries are really into it. The top ten countries for cybercrime are Russia, Ukraine, China, the US, Nigeria, Romania, North Korea, the UK, Brazil, and India.

The survey found five main types of cybercrime: selling technical stuff, attacking people or blackmailing them, stealing identities and data, scamming people, and laundering money. The survey showed that some countries are more into certain types of cybercrime than others.

It’s tough to know where cybercriminals are and how much cybercrime happens in each country. We need better ways to measure cybercrime so we can fight it better. The survey had experts from all over the world, which shows that cybercrime is a global problem.

Romania is often near the top for cybercrime, and different countries do well in different types of cybercrime. India is known for scams, but overall, it’s not too bad. Romania and the USA are good at both technical and non-technical cybercrimes.

This study made a World Cybercrime Index by asking experts about cybercrime. It shows which countries are into cybercrime and what types they specialize in. This can help us fight cybercrime better by knowing where it happens most.

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